Who Is Really Behind Your Favourite Casino Games?

Have you ever noticed your favourite games aren’t exclusive to one particular casino? That’s because the majority of casino games you play are provided by a handful of third party providers, like NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming.

These companies spend time and money developing high quality casino and slots games, before licensing them out to different online casinos. The result is a better gaming experience across the industry by guaranteeing the transparency and integrity of the games you play, wherever you play them. If you know a game has been developed by an impartial third party, you can be sure you’re getting a fair chance in any casino you choose to play it.

The companies that provide these games are usually large software development firms, specialising in developing games for the gambling industry. As well as developing new games and new technologies, they work to improve existing games for online and mobile players, including developing progressive jackpots that offer prizes running into the millions.

Some casinos do still choose to develop their own games and their own software infrastructure, with 888 sites being the classic example. But given the sheer cost of developing these games, and the need to ensure an impartial, legally compliant gambling experience, many casinos prefer to draw on the services of these companies to ensure their players have access to the best games around.

Online UK Casino Software Companies

Rather than every casino developing their own similar games, these third party casino software companies provide a uniform selection of games different casinos can license, all of which are audited and verified for legal compliance and fairness. While some casinos do choose to develop their own games, the majority of reputable UK online casinos share games from these software providers.

Because these providers offer games across so many different online casinos, linking jackpots to create progressive prize funds helps the industry offer truly life-changing amounts of money. Winning a NetEnt or Microgaming progressive jackpot will make you a millionaire overnight, and often all it takes is a single spin to come out on top.

Many gamblers prefer games from certain third party providers, so choose casinos based on whether they offer games from these companies, as well as a range of other factors. And if you’re searching for an amazing progressive jackpot, chances are you’ll find it on a site carrying games by Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt or other similar casino software providers.